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Electronic equipment Trading

Sensitive systems are in use in the current growing technology needs. All possible forms of control and utilization of technology is achieved by engineered electronics to the common mans easy to use methods. Wide range of equipment is available for much application in daily life. These ranges from a switch of regulator to the microprocessor based systems to empower human to enjoy the comfort of life.
Entertainment electronics has become a new avenue in business where multinational players have identified the Indian community as one of its prominent consumer..


During the past times, use of a RADIO was considered as a luxury at home while it’s a part of life at present. Similarly mobile communication has taken the user to different level of usage of information technology which is within the reach of anyone in the current lifestyle.


Devikrishna sources out multiple ranges of electronic items to suit its customer needs. Also the product ranges spreads over the basic components to completely integrated solutions.
We focus to facilitate a service to the needs of various clients. Interested customers can directly contact our offices for more information.