Energy is the most valuable resource in the current lifestyle. As there are various forms of energy sources, the society utilizes the electrical energy for common utilities. Statutory requirements are slated by the utilities providers in the regions and guidelines are being followed by all its consumers. All the States in the Union of India have their own electricity generation network in addition to the common national grid.

Most of the country regions are electrified with ranges defined and in use for generation, transmission and distribution network. Even though generation of electricity is at 11kV level with 50Hz frequency, transmission is being done at multiple voltage levels as 33kV, 66kV and 110kV where as the low voltage distribution is set at 440V in three phase as well as 230V in single phase.
Each State of India has their own Electrical Inspectorates which sets the directives for electricity networks supervision and to ensure safety of its usage. In order to provide services to consumers, approved agencies are entitled to carry out such works.
Devikrishna Enterprises employs professionals who are approved by the State Electricity Licensing Board to supervise and carry out necessary works an All Medium Voltage levels


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